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  • 04:34
    General Stanley McChrystal is being interviewed about the principles behind his book "Team of Teams".
  • 05:00
    The attempt to rescue the hostages, Operaton Eagle Claw, was a failure because it was a group of individual teams that didn't work well together. Operaton Eagle Claw used Navy helicopters flown by Marine pilots refueling with Air Force cargo planes carying Army Delta Force commandos. Each of these was a good team, but they had never really worked together before.
  • 06:00
    The result was the creation of The Joint Special Operations Command(JSOC).
  • 06:03
    This was a little after the Israeli's conducted Operation Entebbe in Uganda.
  • 07:08
    JSOC is constructed of extraordinary individuals forged into world class small teams of 5 guys up to a platoon or troop. Up to 20 people.
  • 07:59
    The Navy SEALs have a saying "the point at which everyone else sucks". You like everyone in your team, sort of tollerate everyone in the larger organization, but everyone else isn't "us".
  • 09:19
    The good thing was that JSOC was extraordinary when General Stanley McChrystal took command. The bad thing was that JSOC was extraordinary and everyone in it knew it. Change was an uphill battle.
  • 09:33
    Having to dismiss the political portions of Iraq to talk about the military experiences.
  • 15:08
    Order 2+7 was designed to go after the top 2 and next 7 people in charge of Al-Qaeda.
  • 15:45
    He had his doubts that it would work. Asked what happen if the top nine were taken from the Pentagon? It would get better.
  • 17:19
    To be a good leader, one has to be good at their craft.
  • 18:00
    Took him a while in his career to realize that he wasn't there to micromanage.
  • 20:00
    Talks about how the Battalion Commander in the 2003 Iraq war could watch 12 raids simultaeneously, listenning to any radio call, and talk to the teams if he wants to.
  • 20:34
    It ws a micro-manager's dream, but one had to step back and realize they are not in the huddle understanding the situation well enough.
  • 22:14
    Leadership is like gardenning. The gardener didn't grow great squash. The plants did the growing. The gardenner created an environment where the plants can grow their best.
  • 27:57
    Can this leadership style work outside of the special forces community -- without the intensive selection process? General McChrystal's answer is yes. The strong personalities, entrenched culture, distrust accross the culture, etc may have made JSOC harder than the corporate world. It also had advantages in that JSOC was at was, so they could move fast. Also money is not an issue in the military as it off the table. Pay is determined by Congress.
  • 30:35
    Even in the corporate world, General McChrystal finds that people are generally motivated by wanting to be part of a team that they believe in that is going to be successful.
  • 34:43
    Leaders need to communicate confidence in success.
  • 35:50
    Can you succeed? The pitcher, or Marine leader says no, they need to be off the team.
  • 40:20
    Talks about how the fundamental national identities of the middle east, founded in WW1 in the Sykes Picot aggreement, are being reconsidered.
  • 40:37
    Half of the population of Syria is now displaced.
  • 40:48
    20% of Jordan's population are Syrian refugees. That would be the equivalent of 75 million refugees in the US.
  • 41:03
    24% of Lebannon is Syrian refugees.
  • 41:24
    General McChrystal sees a new order in the middle east, but recognizes that it isn't defined yet.
  • 42:55
    Before WW1, the French were asked by the British how many soldiers they needed. The French Prime Minister replied. Just one, and I'll be sure he gets killed.
  • 43:33
    General McChrystal only eats one meal per day.
  • 45:23
    Lean Startup originator Steve Blank, Author of the books "The Startup Owner's Manual", and "The Four Steps to the Epiphany" asks if Team of teams is a good way to transition a successful growing startup from a small cohesive team into a larger organization.
  • 45:48
    General McChrystal talks about the growth challenge.
  • 46:15
    How big can a team be? An infantry company in the Roman Legions was 100 people. A Century. An infantry company today is about the same size.
  • 46:49
    At some point in growth, the culture changes dramatically.
  • 47:34
    Often companies in this transition will create an organizational struture that is based off MECE - "Mutually Exclusive, Collectively Exhaustive."
  • 48:00
    The problem with a MECE organization is in the connections. This is where everything breaks down.
  • 48:48
    General McChrystal sees the solution to these cross team communication issues is in fostering a Team of Teams.
  • 49:09
    Modern technology helps with these cross team communications.
  • 50:22
    General McChrystal is asked to reccomend some books.
  • 50:31
    The book "Team of Rivals: The Political Genius of Abraham Lincoln" is one of the classics he uses to teach with.
  • 50:36
    "The Wright Brothers" by David McCullough is one of his current reccomendations.
  • 52:04
    He is also reading Stephen King's "11/22/63: A Novel" about going back in time to prevent the JFK assasination.

2015 Meet the Author - General Stanley McChrystal, USA (Ret.) - Team of Teams - Full Version

Watch the full version of the Meet the Author program, featuring General Stanley McChrystal, USA (Ret.), presenting his book, Team of Teams : New Rules of Engagement for a Complex World at the Marines Memorial Club on July 15, 2015. General McChrystal is the co-founder and partner of CrossLead McChrystal Group, where he serves as an adviser to senior executives at multinational corporations. He is also a passionate advocate for national service and veterans issues. General McChrystal serves as the Chair of the Franklin Project at the Aspen Institute.

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