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    the first outside investor in facebook the founder of Palantir and Silicon Valley's ultimate contrarian thinker
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    #Rogan    #Elon Musk   
    obviously Rogan had Elon Musk on last week last week and they smoked a joint so do you want me to put the joint on the table right now or how are we doing this
  • 01:03
    #SpaceX    #Tesla   
    the you know both the rocket company and the the electric car company SpaceX and Tesla
  • 01:52
    #idea of PayPal   
    Let's start with with PayPal since you mentioned it already. Where did the idea of PayPal first come from?
  • 02:13
    #Gold Rush   
    we certainly there was this incredible internet boom going on in silicon valley in the late 90s it there was sort of this open frontier open Gold Rush one of the natural things to look at
  • 04:15
    #first 24 customers    #10    #ten dollars   
    Started with the 24 people in our office. Those were then our office those were the first 24 customers and they sent money to friends and to other people but gave these referral bonuses we gave you $10 who signed up ten dollars you got something to sign up
  • 04:29
    #referral bonuses    #ten percent   
    referral bonuses we gave you $10 who signed up ten dollars you got something to sign up and it just grew exponentially when we were you know it grew about seven to ten percent compounding daily and
  • 05:51
    places that started was on the eBay auction site where at small dollar transactions maybe $40 the typical amount and if you send check across the country that's like a seven to ten delay 10-day delay
  • 07:56
    #PayPal    #overwhelm the regulators   
    and politics and you know the politicians didn't like us but if we got the system the PayPal network to be big enough it would sort of overwhelm the regulators and they'd have to accept it as a fait
  • 08:34
    #the Patriot Act    #US    #US   
    so you know in the in the aftermath of 9/11 we got the Patriot Act in the US and that that attached you know much more regulatory scrutiny to to financial transactions to payments that no your cUStome
  • 09:23
    know give people more control over their money we had all these ideas about you know getting rid of central banks and creating a new currency we never quite you know got to the Bitcoin ya stage of it
  • 10:26
    #first outside investor in Facebook    #Zuckerberg   
    you were the first outside investor in Facebook 500 grand to this Zuckerberg
  • 10:49
    #Shark Tank   
    I think I think people always have the sort of Shark Tank image of these things the exam sort of you know super sophisticated pitch
  • 11:36
    #PayPal    #Reed Hoffman    #LinkedIn    #PayPal   
    the other the other part of it was that there was like a prehistory to it so one of my one of my good friends from PayPal back from Stanford's guy named Reed Hoffman he started he started LinkedIn later years but and he'd worked with me at PayPal.
  • 11:49
    #PayPal    #Reed Hoffman    #LinkedIn    #PayPal   
    tory to it so one of my one of my good friends from PayPal back from Stanford. A guy named Reed Hoffman. He started LinkedIn later years but and he'd worked with me at PayPal in the late 90s early 2000s.
  • 11:54
    #early social networking   
    but before that he had started a social networking company back in 1997 seven years before Facebook. early social networking
  • 12:35
    #Facebook    #real identity    #Facebook   
    Facebook was the first one to crack the problem of real identity. Where you know even those always a little bit curated certainly for the most part people on Facebook are who they they say they are.
  • 15:27
    #Silicon Valley    #conformity problem   
    sorts of other way so I do think Silicon Valley at this point has a bit of a conformity problem it has you know a bit of a way in which people are - too much all thinking the same way it's just like
  • 16:46
    #Stanford    #the Silicon Valley    #Libertarian   
    Stanford was sort of a very liberal politically correct place but the Silicon Valley surrounding not so much it was vaguely Libertarian
  • 19:39
    #Gary Johnson   
    I tell people I'm voting for Gary Johnson the Libertarian
  • 23:13
    #draconian speech codes    #Stanford   
    like you know incredible overreach you ended up with with these draconian speech codes on campus and and with with sort of the humanities in a sense effectively got gutted in the late 80s at Stanford
  • 26:38
    #Rene Girard    #mimetic theory   
    Rene Girard is for this cultural philosopher literary theorist is really brilliant guy he sort of always had this mimetic theory that people imitate each other they copy each other
  • 26:54
    #France    #the French Resistance   
    was used from France and so one of the one of the metaphors he had for a lot of the sort of more politically correct professors at Stanford was that they all thought they were in the French Resistance
  • 27:08
    #Vichy France   
    but if they had lived in Vichy France they would have all been collaborators
  • 27:45
    #Resistance in France   
    well it's so interesting because he was talking about the Resistance in France and now we have a group of people in America that think that they're part of the resistance
  • 28:03
    they're being treated right well III thought that the the Girard critique could also apply to them that that you know by identifying yourself as part of you know some mob like resistance movement
  • 29:16
    #North Korea   
    a hundred to zero 99 to one that's that's what we start to suspect that it will not in a democracy but we're in North Korea or that something's gone wrong with a voting machine or something like this
  • 30:29
    #Alan    #Rogen   
    a new you know Alan on Rogen last week you're sitting here today the way that people want different conversations we're gonna sit here for as long as it need to do all that people can see through it
  • 31:13
    #The Wizard of Oz   
    The Wizard of Oz where you have the man behind the curtain
  • 31:41
    and then we're gonna go back to some of that stuff I tell me a little bit about Palantir
  • 31:52
    ian or civil liberties point of view that would still be you know tough on terrorism and and and things like this and and the sort of the sort of sense I had was that that the way we were going with just you know ridiculous airport security checks and a super intrusive surveillance all the time it wasn't really making us PayPal
  • 32:35
    #the Patriot Act   
    our answer to the Patriot Act you know in a way this was
  • 34:19
    #the Patriot Act   
    liberties but I think they will always lose that debate because the way you preserve civil dirties is not to have terrorist attacks because when you get a terrorist attack you get the Patriot Act
  • 34:30
    #the World Trade Center   
    ou get the patriot act and you know if if the World Trade Center would erode civil liberties as much as it did in 2001 I didn't even want to think what would happen if you had another terrorist attack
  • 35:27
    #the Patriot Act   
    civil liberties like we always want easy answers so that's why I think the Patriot Act passed with two dissenting votes if I'm not mistaken that people don't we act so emotionally all the time and
  • 35:35
    #September 11th   
    and especially after a time like September 11th we were really I think out of whack individually and collectively that you can come in with a more sane answer and say I understand civil liberties
  • 36:14
    and how deeply uncomfortable that is on so many levels I think that I think that the way um you know I think certainly if it worked if the if the Luddite heavy-handed approach has actually worked mm
  • 37:53
    #Social Security   
    should you refuse to take a Social Security check and
  • 39:57
    #the Manhattan Project   
    you know the the atom bomb we had the Manhattan Project
  • 40:03
    bomb we had the manhattan project we had the Apollo space program in the 1960s where you got a man on the moon so if you said the government can't do anything that that that felt somewhat wrong now
  • 40:26
    #Libertarian Party   
    where that yes yes I think libertarianism and it started probably failing in the 1970s in a serious way maybe building up in various ways but and and libertarianism Libertarian Party in the u.s.
  • 40:51
    and I would argue that it is it is much more true in 2018 than it was thirty years thirty years ago you know the ADI and
  • 41:01
    #Iran    #first   
    thirty years thirty years ago you know the adi and when the Iran books were written in the 1950s it was like it felt like it was crazy like when I first and because it's like so bleak so pessimistic
  • 41:29
    #Atlas Shrugged    #John Galt    #Michigan    #mm    #mm   
    there's a in an Atlas Shrugged there's a the trying to find who you know who is John Galt the clues eventually take them to the state where everything has gone haywire is the state of Michigan mm-hmm
  • 41:42
    #American Motor Company    #General Motors   
    the 20th century American Motor Company sort of a thinly disguised General Motors that had just gone bankrupt
  • 41:55
    Detroit was sort of falling apart someone was farming in the middle of the city
  • 48:26
    #Washington DC   
    and he had never thought about it because you had this Washington DC pro war foreign policy bubble
  • 48:37
    #Obama    #Syria    #Libya   
    Obama may be moderated a little bit but still got pulled into Syria we sort of messed up Libya even more than it had been for and and and and and and
  • 48:49
    a little bit but still got pulled into syria we sort of messed up libya even more than it had been for and and and and and and and and I think Trump represented you know a really big break I gave
  • 49:14
    #Syria    #Russia   
    be involved in Syria and risk you know a confrontation with uh with with Russia
  • 49:39
    #Republicans    #Russia   
    Republicans because this is where he's broken the most with orthodoxy I think that the Russia debate is a completely insane debate that we have like this where you know
  • 49:43
    Russia debate is a completely insane debate that we have like this where you know
  • 49:56
    #Putin    #Russia   
    even if Putin is an evil man it doesn't mean that we should you know be risking a nuclear war with with Russia
  • 50:17
    #Romney    #Obama    #Obama   
    well it's so interesting because that moment in the debate between Romney and Obama if the left was being consistent about this they'd be looking at Obama now and going man you must have been the wors
  • 50:28
    #Russian puppet President   
    Russian puppet President or something
  • 50:40
    #Russia    #China   
    with places like Russia and and to the extent we have that as as the focus it distracts us from from a lot of other things mister axis from the the very real economic competition we have with China
  • 51:12
    #North Korea    #Syria   
    most of I think Trump's critics will say look he's saying all these things about North Korea or he's making all these threats about Syria or we dropped the mother of all bombs or all of these things
  • 51:45
    #World War three   
    he's the one that's gonna lead us to World War three and
  • 52:03
    but but certainly I think all of president Trump's instincts are to
  • 52:12
    #NATO    #Afghanistan    #Russia   
    know if we have to rethink NATO we have to you know rethink you know how much we should really be committed to Afghanistan we have to you know we shouldn't be escalating like crazy with with Russia
  • 52:30
    #Trump    #Rand Paul   
    are are very powerfully in the de-escalatory side what is it about Trump that made you think this is the guy could do that because as I was hearing you say that you could have said well Ron Rand Paul
  • 52:30
    #Trump    #Ron Rand Paul   
    are are very powerfully in the de-escalatory side what is it about Trump that made you think this is the guy could do that because as I was hearing you say that you could have said well Ron Rand Paul
  • 53:00
    #Ron Paul   
    you know I did that court Ron Paul in both 2008 and 2012
  • 53:08
    #Rand Paul   
    I think that you know I think in some ways a Rand Paul was sort of making those arguments
  • 53:54
    it takes us kind of back to the beginning of when we sat down the way you described PayPal when it started really getting into that growth phase so you must have seen that too and thought all right
  • 54:27
    I met a number of the different Republican candidates running in 2016 small one-on-one meetings and they're like zombies you know
  • 54:57
    #Hillary Clinton   
    I think the the revisionist you know sort of history people like to now say is that Hillary Clinton was this terrible candidate and
  • 55:10
    #Hillary Clinton   
    was just the ideas were wrong they didn't make sense you know Hillary Clinton thinks she should run again in 2020 man and
  • 55:19
    she should run again in 2020 man and in a way she's right because in from her point of view I can understand why she thinks that because she's smarter than the other Democrats she has more experience
  • 55:27
    #Hillary    #Cory Booker    #Harris   
    than the other democrats she has more experience and you know within the zombie establishment it may still makes more sense for it to be Hillary than it you know someone like Cory Booker camel Harris
  • 57:28
    #Jesus Christ   
    the greco-roman or judeo-christian traditions but you know it's uh when Jesus Christ says that he's the son of God you know that you can you can describe that as a metaphysical religious statement
  • 57:37
    #Jesus Christ   
    e e atheist statement because Caesar Augustus was the Emperor and Caesar his sort of adopted father had been divinized and so Caesar Augustus also claimed to be the Son of God that's when Jesus Christ
  • 58:15
    so for the people that are watching or listening to this right now that still have all the concerns about Trump that you may or may not have or that you feel maybe
  • 59:48
    you know he's broken with the Republican orthodoxy on foreign policy
  • 01:00:47
    #four hundred seventy five billion dollars    #China   
    we import four hundred seventy five billion dollars a year from China
  • 01:01:12
    we should have a trade surplus with China that we get extra capital that we then export so in the right way you're almost making a globalist argument for him even though he's always against the globe
  • 01:02:08
    #Democratic    #Trump   
    and I the prediction I would make is that whoever the Democratic nominee in 2020 is they will not they will not disagree with the Trump on the trade issue
  • 01:02:17
    they won't admit the Trump changed their mind
  • 01:02:30
    #DNC    #Bernie   
    saying oh look how unfairly the DNC is treating Bernie because basically he was hinting to all of those people that were so frustrated with the system when they screw him over guess what I'm your guy
  • 01:02:51
    but I think I think it is it is just these other debates where the country you know I think you know the question about NATO is is on the table now
  • 01:03:40
    disagree that everyone should pay their fair share when I talk to even people in Germany which is like punk may be the most egregious offender of all nobody disagrees with on this behind closed doors
  • 01:06:01
    #Hillary Clinton   
    you know we're not going to go back to Hillary Clinton into money money
  • 01:06:23
    #the Democratic Party   
    I suspect the Democratic Party is gonna move much further to the left and that's going to be a debate we're gonna be having for the next decade
  • 01:09:37
    #Eric Weinstein   
    sense making because Eric Weinstein who I guess is the architect of the intellectual dark web who is the what is his title he is the managing director of Dale capitals many hats a man of many hats
  • 01:09:55
    #trust the media   
    times in this very studio is that what's happening right now is that our sense making our communal sense making in America is just failing that our ability to trust the media or CNN or New York Times
  • 01:11:09
    #heterodox thinker   
    and and Eric is certainly you know absolutely first great heterodox thinker
  • 01:14:33
    #Groundhog Day   
    but it's been then Groundhog Day for 50 years and um
  • 01:15:20
    #Gen X   
    at their last grasps of controlling things and in an odd way gen-x my generation got which I think you're probably at the right around the little bit ahead of me on Gen X that we sort of got lost
  • 01:15:37
    it's like almost like we handed everything off to the Millennials
  • 01:16:08
    and somehow you know the Boomers dominated things like crazy and
  • 01:17:46
    #Google    #Gen X    #Eric Schmidt    #Boomer    #Google    #Boomer    #Apple    #Microsoft   
    even Google which was the biggest of the Gen X companies we got a 10-year period where Eric Schmidt the baby Boomer took over took over Google whereas you know the Boomer companies Apple Microsoft
  • 01:20:29
    #conformist Millennial   
    um there's something about the Millennial vibe that feels more conformist ya and Gen X. conformist Millennial
  • 01:22:48
    #Millennials    #Boomers   
    sort of there are these similarities between the Millennials and the Boomers but the lesson that they're they're the really different in practice
  • 01:23:35
    #Google owns all the pipes   
    kind of bouncing around but like everyone wants some answers to what's going on here with the media and and everything else and and the pipes you know that Google owns all the pipes and all of that
  • 01:25:25
    #the Washington Post   
    and so if you were you know if you were at the Washington Post in the 1990s you know
  • 01:26:51
    #Gawker    #Gawker    #Hulk Hogan   
    because I think a lot of people or a certain set of people probably only know you through the the Gawker prism and every time I read anything about Gawker or what happened with you or Hulk Hogan
  • 01:27:53
    #sociopathic Manhattan media    #Gawker    #MBT   
    are of course you know sort of a little bit larger than life where you have sort of a sociopathic Manhattan media company and I think that's a to kind of our interim code name for Gawker was the MBT
  • 01:28:07
    #the San Jose Mercury News   
    I'm just completely distorted things I was speaking to report at the San Jose Mercury News
  • 01:29:32
    it's a jury you can always argue the law we can argue the facts so the the the Gawker side argued the law which is you know we're
  • 01:29:58
    #the Fourth Amendment   
    in the privacy of a bedroom and those are the facts that has nothing to do with the first mhm it might have something to with the Fourth Amendment which is against unreasonable search and seizure
  • 01:33:03
    #scapegoating machine    #Gawker   
    and and and personally destroy you and in a way that was the logic of the of the hate factory of the scapegoating machine that was Gawker
  • 01:34:39
    #Saudi Arabia   
    or maybe it's because he's trying to get money out of Saudi Arabia
  • 01:39:47
    #Jordan Peterson   
    so you know I've been on this tour with Jordan Peterson for the last couple months
  • 01:41:29
    #the Republican National Convention   
    okay so a couple years ago you go to the Republican National Convention
  • 01:42:24
    #african-american experience   
    I think there's an african-american experience
  • 01:43:38
    I don't think I don't think the Republicans are that anti-gay they don't think of that anti
  • 01:44:45
    #Milton Friedman    #Milton Friedman   
    it was a Milton Friedman it sort of knew Milton Friedman a little bit his grandson patrie Friedman mm-hmm sort of got in touch with
  • 01:45:45
    #free market University    #Guatemala   
    it's a thought experiment that that gets that energizes people and gets them to think about things I spoke at this free market University in Guatemala years ago
  • 01:47:19
    at some point it's always this question whether we could get new medicines new drugs you know could you have something where you know you use psilocybin or MDMA as a antidepressant drug
  • 01:50:56
    #iPhones    #distract us    #distract us   
    but the iPhones that distract us from our environment also distract us from the way in which our environment strangely hasn't changed we're running you know maybe riding on a hundred-year-old subway i
  • 01:51:34
    #Back to the Future    #first   
    I always have this you have the two Back to the Future movies the first one they went from 85 to 1955 and
  • 01:53:09
    you go well you've liken them to al-qaeda before
  • 01:53:16
    but I think it's pretty on point that basically if you're an authoritarian you should be for AI and libertarians
  • 01:53:41
    #AI    #communist   
    AI is communist and that's because we're sort of more conscious of people with different views like libertarian and we're less conscious of people with collectivist views because that's sort of the
  • 01:55:43
    #the Chinese Communist Party   
    and it's not a coincidence along these lines that the Chinese Communist Party hates crypto and the AI
  • 01:56:38
    go much more one way or the other and that it can be ultimately that the future can be more decentralized or more centralized to give more capitalist more communist more libertarian more totalitarian
  • 01:58:48
    #Silicon Valley   
    voices that are out a little bit outside the mainstream and I think Silicon Valley is making a mistake if it thinks that that question can be sort of swept under the rug and is going to go away
  • 02:00:07
    #Los Angeles    #Silicon Valley    #Los Angeles   
    one of the one of the things that however is a very different feel between Los Angeles and Silicon Valley is that Los Angeles is it is a weirdly it is the big city that is weirdly decentralized and yo
  • 02:01:05
    #Silicon Valley   
    Silicon Valley is you know jump the shark just a little bit over the last few years that that the very things that were positive got pushed so far till on
  • 02:02:54
    #find the next Google   
    university or a panel discussion in - back in 2005 and one of the questions was where will we find the next Google so it was a student audience the student union in Stanford and was sort of a
  • 02:09:11
    you know this is what this is what's powerful about the Petersons message
  • 02:09:40
    #Harvard Business School   
    give where in think of a business Harvard Business School or any of these business schools as hothouse environments which you have a bunch of people they have no transcendent reference point they

Peter Thiel on Trump, Gawker, and Leaving Silicon Valley (Full Interview)

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