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  • 00:01
    to be the game that you're familiar with today.
  • 00:04
    It actually started out as something much different, and because of the way this game has rapidly grown and transitioned, it has created a much bigger problem that Epic Games has to find a way to properly deal with.
  • 00:14
    But before we can get into this, we need to talk about the history of the game itself.
  • 00:20
    Fortnite as we know it has grown to become one of the most popular, and if not the most popular, battle royale game of all time.
  • 00:27
    And the crazy thing is that the Battle Royale version only came out in September of 2017.
  • 00:33
    I remember seeing the launch of Fortnite Battle Royale, and until that point, I had never even heard of the game.
  • 00:39
    I instantly thought, "Oh, another battle royale game "that we don't want and we don't need.
  • 00:44
    "How exciting." But it turns out Fortnite was originally planned to be something much different, and it was announced all the way back in 2011.
  • 00:52
    - [Man] Okay, put the camera down, man, it's showtime.
  • 00:55
    - Alright, clear!
  • 00:56
    (loud explosion) (men clamoring) - [Man] Grab what you can!
  • 01:02
    - [Narrator] The thought behind the original Fortnite game started as a refresher, something that Epic Games wanted to casually work on to relax and have some fun after releasing Gears of War 3.
  • 01:11
    They simply wanted to take a breather and work on something different and less serious, and looking back at this, Fortnite is a passion project and not a priority.
  • 01:20
    I guarantee you that the devs at Epic Games would never have expected for this game to be as big as it has become.
  • 01:25
    Anyways, getting back on topic, this game was originally planned to be a relaxing, casual survival building game.
  • 01:31
    The developers took inspiration from other popular building games, such as Terraria and Minecraft.
  • 01:36
    And since they were used to working on a project such as Gears of War, Fortnite was actually originally planned to be a dark, foggy, grayish survival game, something like Resident Evil.
  • 01:46
    But after some contemplation, they decided that they would rather make something that would age well and look good forever.
  • 01:51
    Thus, they decided to switch to the cartoonish and almost child-like theme that you see today, and began to work on features that would match this theme.
  • 01:58
    The first working version of Fortnite was released.
  • 02:00
    It was basically the same game that we know today as the Save The World version.
  • 02:06
    (machinery cranking) (machinery cranking) (airy ringing) (dramatic fanfare) (electrical humming) - [Man] Great, now build defenses around the power collector, because enemies will attack it when you activate it.
  • 02:27
    - [Narrator] The goal of the game was to scavenge, and when night falls, to fortify a base to defend the horde of monsters that attack and try to kill you.
  • 02:33
    As the studio originally said, the shooting mechanism is in the game, but it's really not what the game's all about.
  • 02:40
    It's really a game that's more about survival than anything else.
  • 02:43
    This was their original approach to how they wanted to make the game.
  • 02:46
    They decided that it was gonna be a quick, fun, easy-to-make and easy-to-play type of game.
  • 02:50
    But upon the official teaser trailer shown at the Spike Video Game Awards in 2011, they decided that they needed to make the game have more elements, and make it something that people would continue to play for a long time.
  • 03:01
    They decided what they wanted to take what they know from action games and combine it with RPG and building elements.
  • 03:07
    They brought some people into the team who worked in the MMO world and had them work on certain systems that would later be introduced into the original game.
  • 03:14
    The original release was planned for 2013, and the hype was real.
  • 03:18
    People didn't really know what to expect with this game, so they were super-excited to see what was gonna come out of it.
  • 03:23
    But as just great hopes had arisen for the future of Fortnite, three of the main designers and planners on the game left the company.
  • 03:29
    The person they brought in from the MMO world that I mentioned earlier began to implement and design these new systems that were talked about with the people who left.
  • 03:36
    One of the most important systems that was created was the building system that we still see today in the Battle Royale game mode.
  • 03:42
    Being able to quickly hop around and build without having to actually stand there or work on the building itself was and still is a feature that makes Fortnite so enjoyable.
  • 03:51
    Just try to imagine trying to play the game where you had to manually grab logs and bring them over to build.
  • 03:56
    That would be absolutely ridiculous.
  • 03:58
    But anyways, because of the departure of the team members, the Fortnite development track hit some speed bumps, which completely delayed the process drastically.
  • 04:06
    Because of this, in November of 2013, Epic announced that the game was not gonna be able to launch in that year.
  • 04:11
    While this is always an issue for game developers, Epic did a great job of keeping the hype going.
  • 04:16
    In a 2014 issue of Game Informer, the developers mentioned that they still did not have a release date, but they did confirm that the game would be free-to-play upon release.
  • 04:25
    By mid-2014, the game had become a working prototype.
  • 04:28
    Epic Games estimated that the game would still take at least another three years to complete, which is much, much later than the original estimated release date in 2013, In later 2014 and early 2015, there were, however, two closed alpha tests for the game.
  • 04:41
    The tests went well, and after ironing out the issues that were exposed during these tests, the game began a closed beta in the fall of 2015, and around 50,000 people participated in this event.
  • 04:52
    I want to take a second to clarify: we're still referring to the Save The World type version of the game.
  • 04:57
    We aren't talking about Battle Royale.
  • 04:59
    Save The World was the original plan for the game, and Battle Royale would come much later.
  • 05:04
    Now fast-forwarding a few years, the game was set for a full release in 2018.
  • 05:09
    As the release came closer, Epic offered a paid early access starting on July 25th, 2017.
  • 05:15
    If a user purchased this early access, they would get a founder role that would carry into the free-to-play game when it released in 2018.
  • 05:22
    In September of 2017, the Fortnite team announced they would add a Battle Royale mode after the recent success of PUBG.
  • 05:29
    The developers said that they could easily implement the system into their engine, and they began development on this separate, secondary game mode that would be included in the full game.
  • 05:37
    But within a week after announcing this, the team decided that they would actually offer the Battle Royale mode as a standalone free-to-play game, and this turned out to be a great decision for the company, and the Battle Royale version of the game exploded.
  • 05:49
    Like I said earlier, the Battle Royale version is pretty much the face of the game now.
  • 05:53
    Most people have never even heard of the original game mode, and many could care less and love to play the Battle Royale mode on its own.
  • 06:00
    But this is when an issue arises.
  • 06:02
    As more and more people begin to play this version of the game, the focus onto the Save The World aspect, or the original aspect of the game, has shifted mainly to the Battle Royale mode.
  • 06:12
    I mean, it makes sense.
  • 06:14
    Obviously, the Battle Royale mode is extremely popular, and people absolutely love it.
  • 06:18
    It's all you see on social media any more, and people can't get enough of this game.
  • 06:22
    Epic has largely forgotten about the PvE mode of Fortnite But the PvE mode of Fortnite is what many people want.
  • 06:26
    There were millions of people who basically pre-ordered the PvE game, and they're honestly being forgotten about.
  • 06:32
    But don't get me wrong, we have seen a bit of progress being made on the PvE game, but not as much as the supporters of the game would like to see.
  • 06:39
    Here's a post by a user named Bell Cranel on the Fortnite forums.
  • 06:43
    The original post was asking the community how many people quit and how many people stayed, and it was basically asking about the PvE version of the game.
  • 06:51
    And this Bell guy does a great job of expressing the frustration that is shown throughout the community.
  • 06:56
    To answer the question, he says, "I've been with PvE since the early access launch in July.
  • 07:01
    "My wife and I still play the game, but I admit a lot less." "The same old missions are starting to get boring." He then states, "I think it's fine to have PvP, "but I just wish the developers at Epic "would respect the fact that millions of people "bought the PvE before the PvP even existed, "and they should feel some level of responsibility "to provide those PvE players with content." At the end of this long post, he states that, "in a closing, this is a great game, and has potential.
  • 07:26
    "However, they put so much time into the PvP "that the PvE is suffering from no new content "and lack of appeal to the player base "that it drew in initially.
  • 07:34
    "I love Fortnite, it just doesn't feel like "it loves me or any other PvE player back currently." Now as I stated earlier, this post reflects the opinions of many of the PvE supporters.
  • 07:44
    Epic hasn't really talked about the future or the state of the PvE version of the game.
  • 07:49
    They need to make sure that they don't forget about this part of the game because many people are hoping that they make something great about it.
  • 07:55
    People are upset that the free-to-play game is getting more attention than the paid version, and if something doesn't happen soon, people are gonna feel cheated out for what they paid for.
  • 08:04
    And things aren't necessarily getting any better.
  • 08:07
    Epic just announced a mobile version of Fortnite Battle Royale, something that absolutely nobody wanted or needed.
  • 08:13
    And honestly, I feel like the resources are gonna be shifting even further.
  • 08:17
    You know, as more and more people play the PvP game, more and more of their company is gonna be focused on maintaining and updating this game to keep the players happy and make some money.
  • 08:27
    Again, this business model is completely understandable.
  • 08:29
    Companies aren't made for the people.
  • 08:31
    Companies are made to make money.
  • 08:33
    If somebody said, "Oh, I do this because I enjoy it," ask them if they would still do it if they didn't get a pay check.
  • 08:38
    That's not always the case, but it's a good example to basically look at it like that.
  • 08:42
    But the simple fact about this whole rant is that millions of people are wanting something that are just being forgotten about and neglected.
  • 08:49
    For example, if you take a look at the Fortnite Twitter, most of their posts are about Battle Royale.
  • 08:54
    So, honestly, the problem is still avoidable at this point, but if Epic lets this go on too much longer, people are gonna begin to lose hope.
  • 09:01
    The Battle Royale game is honestly at a great place right now, a place in which they can leave it for a little bit and people will still play the game.
  • 09:08
    If they begin to focus more on the PvE aspect of the game, people won't be leaving Battle Royale, and it will please the people who have been supporting Fortnite since day one, so, honestly, it's a win-win.
  • 09:18
    All I know is that a lot of people are getting irritated with this whole situation, and like I said, they just feel forgotten about and neglected.
  • 09:25
    Now, the company hasn't just completely forgotten about the PvE game, but it really seems like it's on the back burner while they currently please the PvP players.
  • 09:34
    I just want to clarify something: I'm not in any way hating on the company or on the PvP version of the game.
  • 09:41
    I, just like everybody else, think that Fortnite Battle Royale is a great game.
  • 09:45
    I don't know anybody who doesn't think that.
  • 09:47
    It is so much fun, and the fact that it's free-to-play is just amazing, so I'm not complaining about that.
  • 09:53
    I'm just saying that they should really think about what they're doing here, because they could possibly lose the support of millions of people who basically backed this entire project.
  • 10:02
    Anyways, guys, I am curious to what you guys think about this situation.
  • 10:06
    My favorite part about making videos like this is to see how you guys feel and to see why you either agree or disagree.
  • 10:12
    Now, if you dislike the video and leave, it doesn't help anyone, so please tell me in the comments what you liked, disliked, agreed with, or disagreed with.
  • 10:20
    I personally feel as if a game studio, Epic, should really consider what they're doing here and try to make it right.
  • 10:26
    Once again, let me know in the comments what you guys think, and if you enjoyed this video, feel free to leave a like and subscribe to the channel, and I'll see you guys next time.
  • 10:33

Fortnite Has A Major Problem

Fortnite is a game that has been in development since 2011. The original plan for the game was much different than what people are playing today. Battle Royale wasn't even the real "game" to be honest. But the point is, Fortnite is having a problem; a pretty major one. If this problem isn't fixed soon, it could have some bad consequences for the community. Old Fortnite is much different than new fortnite, and the comparison is insane.

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