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  • 00:03
    In this video, we'll walk you through another round of common knots. Obviously, this is not an end all-be-all training. Anytime climbing rope is used, there's a risk of danger.
  • 00:13
    Take proper precautions, and make sure you know what you're doing.
  • 00:17
    Trucker's Hitch
  • 00:24
    With the anchor location closest to you, form a bight a good distance from the tail of the rope. Be sure the tail is on this side of the bight. Pass the loop over the standing end of the rope and through the bight to create a directional figure 8 knot. Next, pass the tail through the anchor, and through the directional figure 8 loop. You now have a 3-to-1 mechanical advantage to synch down a load. The knot is completed with two half hitches below the loop. Pass the tail around and through itself, then again below that loop. Tighten and straighten to complete the knot.
  • 01:27
    Bowline w/ Stopper Knot
  • 01:33
    Form a small loop leaving as much rope to create the desired loop size. Pass the tail through the loop, around the standing end of the rope and back through the small loop.
  • 01:48
    A bowline can loosen if shaken without a load, so a safety knot should be used. Tie a double overhand by passing the rope over the standing end, and then across the first turn. Pass the tail around a second time following the same path and then tuck it under both the first and second turns and tighten.
  • 02:15
    A sheet bend is used to join two ropes of different sizes. For demonstration we're using equal sized rope. Form a bight on the thicker rope and pass the smaller rope through and behind both thicker strands. Tuck the smaller rope under itself and tighten to finish the knot. For joining ropes that are very different in size, a double sheet bend can be used. For a double, pass the smaller rope around and through itself a second time.
  • 02:17
    Sheet Bend
  • 02:57
    Zeppelin Bend
  • 02:57
    A zeppelin Bend is essentially two interlocking overhand knots. Form a bight in both ropes and overlap them. Pass each tail around itself, under for the bottom loop and over for the top. Thread both ends past each other in the middle and tighten to complete the zeppelin bend.
  • 03:27
    A chain sinnet, or monkey braid is great to shorten and store rope to prevent tangling.
  • 03:34
    Chain Sinnet
  • 03:43
    Begin by forming a noose, and then a loop in the rope. Align the loop over the remaining rope then pull through to create another loop. Continue this process, but be sure to not twist the loop and create a cross. This will stop the chain. One of the great things about this chain is if done correctly it can be quickly pulled apart. Once you start going, the monkey braid is quick to tie. At the end, lock it by passing the end through the final loop. When you're ready to tie more knots, simply pull the tail completely out to loosen the braid.
  • 04:47
    To see these knots, and virtually every other knot you could use, check out the Morrow Guide to Knots. It has step-by-step tying instructions using 640 color photos taken from over the shoulder of the tier. It shows every step in detail to make learning the knots easy.

How To Tie Common Knots Pt. 2 - GME Supply

Our knot expert goes over a few more common climbing knots. Be sure to check out part 1 as well. What other knots should we tie? Let us know in the comments! In this video: Trucker's Hitch Bowline w/ Stopper Knot Sheet Bend Zeppelin Bend Chain Sinnet

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