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Amazon Echo Models: A Comparison

Amazon Echo is a voice recognition device and wireless speaker created by Amazon. The device utilizes voice recognition capabilities and responds to the name "Alexa". Alexa is a cloud based voice service that allows the user to perform hands-free tasks including stream audio, set alarms and timers, check weather, control compatible smart home devices, and many more.

50 Ways to Use Alexa Voice Recognition

Watch this timestamped video to learn over 50 different ways you can use Alexa voice recognition commands. From ordering pizza to getting a cab with Uber, you can do some pretty amazing tasks with Amazon Echo.

Amazon Echo Models - Features


The Amazon Echo is device that connects to Alexa which is a cloud-based voice service. The Echo can be used to do numerous tasks such as play music, set timers, ask questions, check weather, find out sport scores, control home devices, and manage tasks. The top portion of the Echo has a light ring that indicates when Alexa is listening. There are two buttons at the top that controls volume and another two buttons on the top surface for mute and activation tasks. A blue glow indicates Alexa is listening, while a red glow indicates the device has been muted.

Echo Plus
The Echo Plus comes with the same set of features as the standard Echo but also comes with a built-in hub that you can use to setup and control your smart home devices directly. The Echo Plus connects to cloud-based voice service, Alexa, to turn on your compatible smart lights, thermostats, and more. The Amazon Echo Plus comes with improved speakers that covers that bottom portion of the tower and can play songs from services such as Prime Music, Spotify, andRadioplayer. You can turn the ring of light to turn the volume of the Echo Plus.

Echo Dot
The Amazon Echo Dot is essentially the top section of the standard Amazon Echo without the speakers. It uses the same voice recognition and voice control features as the Echo and can do tasks such as can control smart home devices, stream audio, make calls, and send/receive messages. Because the slim, compact design does not contain speakers, there is a 3.5 mm audio output to allow the Amazon Echo Dot to connect external speakers to play music. The Echo Dot can also connect to external speakers via Bluetooth.

Echo Spot
The Echo Spot is a sleek round design that is created to fit anywhere in the home. The Amazon Echo Spot as the same features as the Amazon Echo and can stream music, make calls, set alarms, and control smart home devices. It has built-in speakers, bluetooth capabilities, and a 3.5 mm stereo output.

Amazon Echo Models - Dimensions


The standard Echo is a cylindrical shaped tower and is slightly thicker than the Echo Plus. 14.8 cm tall 8.8cm
Echo Plus The Amazon Echo Plus is a cylindrical tower that is taller than the Echo. 23.5cm tall 8.4cm

Echo Dot
The Echo Dot is a shorter compared to the Echo and Echo Plus. It is still cylindrical shape but more similar to a hockey puck shape. 3.2cm tall 8.4cm

Echo Spot
The Echo Spot shape design deviates from the previous Echo models. It's shape is round and stylish that will fit nicely in many environments. 14cm round 14cm round